SLRs for Dummies

"SLRs for Dummies is a great class to learn the overall functions of your camera and how to improve the quality of your pictures."
- Carol-ann Zazuliski 

"I appreciated your hands-on listen, then do approach. This class was awesome and I can't wait to do the other courses."
-Grand Frend 

"I enjoyed setting my camera the same way that Jason and Darcie have their own set."
- Trish Loewen 

Lighting: Adding impact to your images

"This class was the perfect balance of learning and applying. The in-studio practice sessions really help to bring the principles into everyday use."
- Jeret Unger 

"I learned at new ways to look a lighting and not to be limited to on camera flash. I enjoyed getting to try out what we learned and seeing results right away."
- Teresa Blades

"I was expecting to learn and I did! Your class was very practical and I enjoyed how you talked first and then we got to practice immediately. This class is beginner to intermediate like you advertised. I was able to understand it, yet I'm not interested in purchasing special equipment."
- Karen Hamhuis-Ashton 

"Your lighting class was a very comprehensive overview of lighting techniques that are not intimidating to try. I liked the hands-on approach of teach, demonstrate and practice. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed it!"
- Sonja Dyck

"You two are a great team - I like how you work together. I enjoyed everything, especially the demonstrations as I am visual."
- Debbie Klassen 


Composition: Seeing beyond the obvious

"You are fantastic in your teaching method and what a set up you have to share your knowledge! I can't believe how much I learned tonight and how inspired I left feeling."
-Sue Raymond-Holley

"I didn't really know what to expect but have learned so much. I enjoyed the hands-on learning. Great job!"

"It was an awesome class! I learned lots and had fun Thanks Darcie and Jason!"
-Carol-ann Zazuliski


Manual Settings: Embrace the M Word

"I felt that I learned more than I expected. Your teaching was easy to follow with well written material. This class was very helpful. Thank you."
- Jessica Germaine 

"Thank you for teaching us the actual terms and when to change our settings. I really enjoyed the hands-on approach with a small enough class for individual settings and personal help."
- Sierra Nickel 

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